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All About The New York Society of Teachers of Dancing.

NYSTD Officers & Directors
The NYSTD is a non-profit organization formed in 1914 as an open forum for Ballroom dance teachers in the Tri-State area to meet and share their knowledge of teaching and business. Meetings are held monthly from September through April and include teaching sessions, demonstrations, lectures, and forums in which matters of interest to the Ballroom teacher are discussed such as business procedures and business-getters, ethics, teaching methods and aids, etc.

The objectives of the Society are dancing and improving its practices by:

  1. Advancing the art of dancing & the dissemination of knowledge and experience to its colleagues and members.
  2. Furthering the professional education of its members at its stated meetings by the presentation of ideas on dance and related topics, and the holding of workshop dance presentation sessions there at.
  3. Developing and maintaining the highest standards, codes, and recommended practices in the art.
  4. Encouraging contact between members of the profession for the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the New York Society of Teachers of Dancing's constitution.

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